Solea® All Tissue Dental Laser

solea logoAs dentistry’s leading all-tissue laser, Solea is reliably anesthesia-free, blood-free, suture-free, and pain-free. This technology is not just how dentistry is performed by the doctor, it is also creating a relaxed and pleasant experience for the apprehensive patient. So, how exactly does laser dentistry—specifically Solea—change what it means to go to the dentist? Below are three examples.

Injections and numbing

solea machineConventionally, patients who visit their dentist for fillings and other restorations must receive an injection of anesthesia before the work can begin. With Solea, the majority of hard and soft tissue procedures can reliably be accomplished without the administration of an anesthetic agent. This means patients aren’t forced to wait for the injection to kick in, and they also won’t have to deal with the undesirable aftermath, such as the feeling of numbness that affects the entire face and continues to linger for hours afterwards.

Sound and sensation

If there is one thing that evokes uneasiness from patients, it is the distinct sound of the turbine. Truth be told, whether you are the one sitting in the chair or flipping through a magazine in the waiting room, you know the familiar echo of the drill’s “whirr.” In addition to its sound, the intense vibration makes the tool even more unsightly. Solea, on the other hand, is much quieter than the drill, and in many cases the patient cannot tell when the doctor is actually working on a restoration. This allows patients to be more relaxed and experience dentistry like they never knew before.

Faster procedures and fewer visits

Total procedure time when performed with traditional dental drills typically take longer because patients need to be anesthetized; and if there are various restorations needed, more than one appointment is often required. For clinicians who use Solea, multiple-quadrant, single-visit dentistry is a reality. Instead of having to schedule a series of appointments and worry about taking time off from work, patients can usually have all of their dental work completed in just one visit. Patients really love the service that comes with a single visit.